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We also offer Coordinate Measuring Machine Operator Training!

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Customer Reviews of CMM Inspection Services & Erik Velliky

“I have known and worked with Erik Velliky for over 20 years. His expertise and professionalism are exceptional, and I entrust him with my quality inspection needs. He has a great knowledge base and would benefit anyone or organization seeking his services.”

Brian Ramsey
Owner, Machining Express

“I am extremely satisfied with all of the inspection and PC-DMIS

Will Horihan
Director of Operations,
LMI Machining

Stolle Machinery contracted with Erik at CMM Inspection Services to provide training for five Quality Technicians of varied training and experience levels, on the Curve software package that goes with the main Zeiss Calypso® measurement software program. The technicians recognized his knowledge and expertise, and he was able to keep them actively engaged throughout the training. In addition, he showed us additional features and shortcuts we were unaware of in the Calypso® software.

I would not hesitate to contract with Erik on any future training needs for the CMM, GD&T, and or special inspection projects.

Jerry Babcock,
Stolle Machinery, LLC

Erik Velliky, now the owner of CMM Inspections, worked for me for several years as the Quality Manager for our organization. I am well aware of his capabilities in the inspection arena and can assure you they are top shelf. He was always on top of the inspection process and always had his finger on the pulse of our production. I’m certain he will do the same for your business. He is also very knowledgeable with ISO processes and procedure and was instrumental in writing our quality manual and guiding us through the audits to achieve certification.

There is no doubt in my mind that his exceptional skills and knowledge will not only be the cornerstone of CMM Inspections commitment to its customer’s but they will be an asset you your organization as well.“

Chris Bailey
President/CEO Armageddon Tactical LLC

Erik Velliky with CMM Inspection Services has become a vital consultant/contractor for Metro machine in recent weeks. His professionalism and ability to work with our employees on very technical projects has been outstanding. He is a great team member, and his commitment to quality and delivery shows an understanding of the tough business climate of today.

He has been vital to new hardware and software that has been put in place during his tenure here. We are very satisfied with the services that CMM Inspection Services has brought to Metro machine.

Phil Stephan
President Metro Machine, Inc.
Englewood, Co.